About Operation Wifi

#OperationWiFi is an alliance of organisations working on solutions that deliver affordable and accessible WiFi for those who need it most .

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As an alliance, the strength of the #OperationWiFi campaign comes from its members.

An alliance member is an organisation that is actively pursuing the aims of #OperationWiFi, either by delivering a solution for affordable and accessible WiFi in their communities or have an idea for a solution

campaign supporter is an individual or organisation that supports #OperationWiFi and is happy to share key messages, gather stories from those affected by digital exclusion and recruit new supporters

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What would 2020 have been like without Wifi?

I’m doing my counselling via zoom and have a laugh with the craft class via zoom. I’ve been in some very dark places during lockdown for a number of reasons, meeting new friends, learning new crafts, and being able to see someone who is supporting you via zoom, has helped me so much, and continues to do so, I couldn’t of made it without being online.


Online classes have been very welcome to give us some purpose and that connection with other people. To be able to do zoom nights with family and friends and still see their faces when you can’t visit has been amazing. Just being able to reach out to friends and family who were struggling and let them know you were there.


I’ve been able to work from home and try and keep life as normal as possible for my son. As a single parent where everything depends on my salary, that’s so important!


Personally for me I would feel lonely and isolated if not connected due to the majority of my communication regardless of the current situation being online so without having the contact with people I can only get in touch with via that would cause me major stress and anxiety due to lack of contact with those people and also not know how they are.


Let’s build something together!