Heavily subsidised computers: Get Online @ Home

GetOnline@Home sells heavily discounted, refurbished computers and tablets. They’re cheap for everyone, but particularly affordable if the customer is eligible for its scheme. 

The scheme was started to support the Government-led, but now seemingly inactive, Go ON UK initiative. It’s good to see the suppliers carrying on the good work!

The site supplies refurbished desktop PCs from £99, laptops from £169 and Windows 10 tablets from £139 if the customer: 

  • Is a charity registered in the UK
  • Is part of a low-income family that receives state benefits
  • Lives in a community with “limited access” to technology
  • Has a disability

If a customer is looking to switch their broadband supplier at the same time, it’s also possible to get these machines even cheaper. GetOnline@Home have a deal with Carphone Warehouse where people who sign up to one of the approved ISPs can get a PC or Netbook free of charge, or a refurbished laptop for just £59.

The computers and tablets available through this programme aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel pieces, either. 

Makes and models differ

  • Desktop computers have minimum specifications that include 4GB of RAM (sufficient for most uses, excluding graphics software and gaming) and a 160GB Hard Drive. 
  • All laptops have the same, plus they’re enabled for wi-fi. 
  • Even tablets have 4GB memory and a 64GB embedded multimedia card for storage, plus useful ports like micro HDMI-out, which will make them suitable for heftier work.

Many of the computers sold have higher specs – these are just the minimum. Upgrades are available for each category of tech, for a higher price. 

Desktop computers bought through the subsidy scheme include a monitor, keyboard, mouse and leads. 

People not eligible for the lowest priced machines can still buy a desktop for £119 or laptop for £169 – and they can also take advantage of the free PC / very cheap laptop offer outlined above when taking a broadband package.

Visit the website.

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