Data & Devices for job seekers from JCP (FS Fund)

If you are helping someone who needs a device to search for work, there is another referral option available via Job Centre Plus. If they receive working age benefits and are looking for work, but their lack of a device is a barrier to job search, ask them to contact their JCP Work Coach and ask about using the Flexible Support Fund (FSF) to purchase the device they need. 

How can I apply?

If you feel that you may be able to get help from the FSF, then you should contact your local Jobcentre.

Unfortunately, claimants don’t have an automatic right to receive the help as it’s up to the discretion of the adviser.

Before issuing the cash, advisers will need to see evidence that you really can’t pay for the items yourself.

You will also need to tell them specifically what you will be spending the cash on.

The adviser will also need to get approval from a colleague, who will also check through the evidence that you’ve provided.

If you can’t provide enough evidence for your meeting, you’ll be advised to contact Universal Credit when you do.

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