BT Universal Credit Offer for people receiving Universal Credit

If you’re in receipt of income support, income-based ESA, income-based JSA, pension credit or universal credit (and you’ve no earnings), you can get BT’s special basic tariff for around £5/month.

The package includes £1.50 worth of calls to landlines and free weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers up to 60 minutes. However, normal landline calls are costly (12p a minute, plus 21p set up fee for each phone call).

The tariff lets you make and receive calls as well as stopping certain calls being made, eg, mobile or premium rate numbers. You can also call to check your bill amount at any time, or check online, helping to keep costs down and budget for your bills.

If you need broadband as well you can get its Basic+Broadband package which costs £9.95/month including basic line rental for which you get 12GB at up to 17Mb/s.

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