New support measures for Children in brief

Oak National Academy was set up last year and is backed by government – with 10,000 online lessons created by teachers available, offering a curriculum covering reception to year 11.

The BBC is offering its biggest education offer in history from Monday 11 January. CBBC will see: -three-hour block of primary school programming from 9am each weekday. – BBC Two will cater for secondary students with at least two hours of content each weekday.

The government has scaled up the devices scheme, with more than one million laptops and tablets purchased for disadvantaged young people during this pandemic, supporting schools and students to access remote education. This will be through local authorities and schools.

The Department has partnered with mobile network operators, including EE, Three, Tesco Mobile, Smarty, Sky Mobile and Virgin Mobile, to provide free data to disadvantaged families. Families will benefit from this additional data until July 2021. Schools will be able to request free mobile data uplifts via the Get Help with Technology service which was launched in December.

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